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We are now monitoring a poll at our yahoo groups site to see if we will hold our regular Monday night meetings.  If we don't have more than 7 members in agreement to meet, then we will not hold the regular meeting.  Please visit our poll page before attempting to attend our Monday meeting.


Poll for Meetings

Focus Summer 2002 

Latest VBLG News  (Latest Review of Tech Ed 2002)  Tech Ed presentations are available for the group to view.

I will be demonstrating some cool stuff using .NET this week coming and in other meetings to come.
VBLG .NET Initiative
The group has purchased CDs from Keystone and AppDev
We are currently watching the CDs jumping between each vendor
VBLG Yahoo Groups Site VBLG (Yahoo Groups)
Okay, we now have a cool place to put almost everything about our group.
From files to calendar to member list and more!  Please check it out.
Okay, I know the site has been hoping around this year since February when Homepage shutdown.
So here is the latest. The VBLG site will now exist in two places until I get bored of updating the Tripod site. (Tripod Site) (Our VBLG Mentor's company, XOCOMP,llc)
New on the XOCOMP site is an FTP section which will now contain all the class files presented at the meetings. You can reach it via the website services under source files, or visit it directly at
Please visit and download files that may interest you from previous meetings. As of today, I think we have files from 1999 through February 2001. We lost 1998 and part of 1999 a few years ago when they messed up the club PC.
 We are still working on the video conferencing. We hope to be able to broadcast via conferencing server. This should give us the ability to show our VBLG Mentor, hear our VBLG Mentor, chat with everyone in the meeting, share applications so everyone can see at their own desktop what is going on in the VB IDE. Hopefully be able to hear every attendees verbal comments when appropriate, ie questions. We have the conferencing server up, but we are still experiencing 2 problems. 
  1. We can't get multicast video meetings outside of our firewall. (NAT problem) 
  2. Our machine designated to show the meeting from our XOCOMP workshop flakes out after a few minutes of video presentation. (Hardware problem)
We intend to get these issues resolved, and when we do, we hope to be able to perform the following: 
  1. Broadcast the 2nd half of our meeting at 7:30pm-8:30pm on Monday Nights. 
  2. Hold a special at home meeting from 9pm-10pm after our regular meetings. 
  3. Demonstrate other VB software issues that can't be accomplished with our single PC at the NOPC Clubhouse.
If anyone is interested in watching the SQL 7 videos, let me know. Gordon has allowed us to watch them, but I don't feel right playing them at the VBLG meetings. Remember what happen during the Interdev videos. Of course, this is Paul Sheriff giving the presentation and not some other guy.
I know that a few people have won a book or software in our raffles, and we have yet to receive a review. We need these reviews in so we can post them in the NOPC Newsletter. This will allow vendors to see our reviews and give them reason to send more. I have not kept track of who won what, but I guess I will have to in the future. If you can't do a review, please return the software or book so that someone interested may do so. I know that the following prizes were given out recently:
Inside XML book 
SQL Server 7 book 
XpressQuantumGrid software
If anyone is interested in attending CA-WORLD in Orlando this year, I am supposed to raffle a free admission ($1400 value) for one lucky person. Since the VBLG is part of the Windows Application Developers SIG, anyone interested should email me so I can get this going. The conference is around July 7th this year.
We hope to continue our discussion on the example project we were building last week. If I could only remember what that was.


Files Section 

VBLG Source Files Service

Web Changes

[New!]Check out the TechEd 2002 section

This is to announce our new website which you are currently viewing.

We will try to keep this material up to date and get rid of old items every few weeks. 
Each item below should link to the document that holds the new information. 
New items should be at the top of the list, so the most recent information comes first. 

  Visual Basic Learners Group Establishes Internet Presence
See the press release for more details.

Recent Media Coverage of Visual Basic Learners Group

The VBLG always has articles in the New Orleans Personal Computer Club's member newsletter "The Motherboard."

VBLG, The Motherboard, July 1999
Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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