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Class room video training
The VBLG offers quality video training each week covering specific Visual Basic topics presented by professional programmers.

Mentor Q&A 
A Visual Basic Learners Group Mentor VBLG Mentor comes in each week to answer questions pertaining to Visual Basic problems related to exercises attempted from the previous weeks meeting, the current video presentation and any other Visual Basic related topics.  A future addition is the vblgmentor website.  The VBLG Mentor section will also have excerpts from emails that the VBLG Mentor feels might help those learning about VB.
Mail list
The VBLG provides a mail list which members can subscribe to to post questions and comments related to Visual Basic.  Mentors often read questions and post answers within 48 hours.
Job Hunt
The VBLG provides a convenient place to post jobs that are coming up and those looking for employment. Members and member companies can post jobs and job wants and comments related to Visual Basic.
Software examples
The VBLG mentors provide examples to all questions pertaining to topics discussed at meetings.  Sample code can be taken home and soon the samples will reside on our VBLG files website.


Networking Opportunity
Come meet quality Visual Basic programmers who come to assist new VB programmers.  Come to meet up and coming VB programmers who are interested and very motivated for VB.


Come see our latest online database of tips we have collected over the years.  Over 300 VB tips.  Please thank Joel when you see him.
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